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Dillon's Rye Whisky Single Cask LCBO.

The rye grain is local too. Dillon went to a neighbouring farmer for his supplies. And since this whisky includes 10% malted rye the rest is rye too, just not malted he found a local maltster to process it for him.Some people may balk at paying $30 for a 200 ml bottle of whisky, so remember, this is a first edition from a promising distillery. 12/06/2017 · Whisky in the 6 134 features a Canadian 100% Rye whisky. Dillion's Rye Whisky is aged in combination of three barrels. Dillion's is a small batch Distillery outside of Niagara Falls Ontario. Check out the review to see. A stonking Canadian spirit that will delight fans of intense rye spice. Dillon's White Rye is distilled in small batches, solely from Ontario rye, and then bottled without ageing. The removal of the ageing process showcases the power of the rye, demonstrated here through flavours of white fruits, mint, fennel, ginger and white pepper. Dillon’s splashed into the whisky market with a bang, immediately selling out of their two initial cask strength rye releases - and now they have released a new rye, at 43% in 500 ml bottles sold for $40. The whisky is made from 100% rye, 7 first fill bourbon barrels, 2 new american oak barrels, 1 n. Dillon's Small Batch Distillers is a small craft producer of spirits located in Beamsville Ontario. They currently produce Vodka and gin both distilled from Ontario grown Niagara Grapes, as well as both White Rye and Rye Whisky grown from 100% Ontario Rye Grain. The distillery also produces a number of specialty spirits such as Absinthe.

Dillon’s Three Oaks Rye Whisky was recently reviewed by the Whisky Advocate Magazine with 90 points and recommended as Canada’s 1 Craft Rye Whisky Brand. Today Dillon’s Three Oaks 100% Rye is only available for purchase on Palm Beach Island from Virginia Philip Wine and Spirit Academy. 4 Spirits $40. Related. Dillon's Rye Whisky Canadien: Non disponible en ligne Disponibilité en succursale. Ajouter à mes favoris. Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour ajouter des produits à vos favoris. Se connecter / s'inscrire Annuler Fermer. À découvrir aussi. Crown Royal Whisky canadien. 05/11/2019 · We review a Rye Whisky from Dillons Small Batch Distillery in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. It's called 3 Oaks because as it aged it spent time in 3 different kinds of barrels. Let's found out what this one is like and how it rates out of 10! New Ontario oak, new American oak and first fill Bourbon. Rye whiskey is a kind of whiskey most associated with the United States but which usually takes a back seat to the more widespread Bour. Stores and prices for 'Dillon's Three Oaks Rye Whisky, Ontario'.

However, the rye whisky itself is not quite where experienced whisky drinkers want their tipple to be. On the nose, there was a little sweet citrus, but it was mostly dominated by alcohol. The flavour hits full force on the tip of the tongue – it’s sweet and smooth, with standard Rye Whisky flavours of. So this is the first cask of Dillon's Rye Whisky. It's over 3 years old, aged in new American oak, and made down in Niagara, known as one of Canada's many wine areas. It's an interesting release, and released at cask strength. 23/05/2017 · After years and years of waiting, Dillon's 100% Rye Whisky is finally ready. We walk in, my wife goes to use the little girls room, and we start talking with the staff. She starts pointing out they have White Rye Whisky, and that we could buy mini casks to age it. I decided to speak up. For better or for worse. “Oh, that’s nice, however have you ever considered releasing a higher proof white whisky?” “Why?”. Dillon's Small Batch Distillers. Collection. view.

28/11/2019 · Dillon's Small Batch Distillers has been absolutely on fire lately. Whether it's the local appeal and charm, or the top-notch and innovative products, or both, this 200 mL single cask whisky is the first of its kind at the LCBO, and with a small order, is sure to sell out in no time! Makes for a.Dillon’s Rye 1 Whisky. In 2010 we began working with a young distiller with a simple goal to make some of the most uncompromising spirits that Canada had ever seen.Dillon's Rye Canadian Whisky: Not available online Availability in outlets. Add to favourites. Please create an account and sign in to add products to your favourites. Sign in / sign up Cancel Close. Also discover. Crown Royal Canadian whisky Canada, 1.14 L Regular.Try Dillon’s Three Oaks Rye Whisky with our Perfect Measure sample. A 100% rye whisky with notes of warm toffee, toasted grain, mint notes and green apple. This whisky takes its name from its maturation process where it spends three years overall aging in three distinct types of oak casks.

The rye grain is local too. Dillon went to a neighbouring farmer for his supplies. And since this whisky includes 10% malted rye the rest is rye too, just not malted he found a local maltster to process it for him. Some people may balk at paying $30 for a 200 ml bottle of whisky, so remember, this is a first edition from a promising distillery. This whisky was Dillon's first whisky release, bursting to the scene in 200 ml bottles full of rich cask strength rye whiskies, selling out right away. The beamsville distiller has since released a Three Oaks rye and other whiskies, but this is where it began arguably, some might say it began wit.

12/04/2013 · How do you spell "one-of-a-kind"? Dillon's! There is nothing ordinary about this place. From the architecture to the colours, Dillon's has to be seen and experienced first-hand to appreciate how special it is. A tasting is the perfect excuse to embrace all that is Dillon's. Dillon's Canadian Rye Whisky is made with both 100% Canadian rye and aged in Canadian oak. It was first released in 2016 and aged for 3 years. a relatively young age in the whisky world and likely a tribute to the grain.

A review of Dillon's Rye - Three Oaks by @Megawatt who rated this whisky 73/100. Read the tasting notes and find other Dillon's whiskey reviews. A delicious and pure Canadian rye whiskey. Last summer I had the opportunity to take the quick ride to Ontario and visit the Dillon’s Distillery. We got a nice little tour from one of the Distillers I wish I could remember his name and he may have been THE ONLY distiller and had tasty many of their offerings. 50cl / 43% - Canadian whisky is fast gaining an international reputation for quality and this excellent rye from Dillon's is a great demonstration why. Distilled in copper-pot stills and only produced in small batches, this 100% rye whisky is intensely flavourful, with notes of warm toffee, toasted grain, minty rye spice, coconut and green apple. Dillon's The White Rye is made one small batch at a time for those who, as the Dillons put it, know their Smiths from their Wessons.Nose: New make whisky then mild peppermint. Very clean. Aromas of mashed grain and slightly beery.Palate: Peppery sweet, floral, and spicy hot like ginger.

Like a buck before time weathers moss on his antlers, the White Rye is a 100% Canadian Rye without age in the wood. Displaying the fervent character and complexity of youthful grains without the rounding of maturity, this spirit is an intensely angst filled rye for all those who know their Smith from their Wesson, and Rye from their Whisky! Review – Dillon’s Rye Whisky, Three Oaks, Batch 01, 3 Years Old, 43%. 05 Friday Jan 2018. Posted by Christopher Thoma in Whiskey, Whisky ≈ Leave a comment. Follow Angelsportion by Email. Enter your email address to follow Angelsportion and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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